Pro Active

A powerful, clean scent to dominate the most vicious of malodours, blended with a strong soapy aroma!

Pacu Fizz

A playful citrusy aroma, capturing the fizzy, fruity scent of sweets and sherbet!

Linen Fresh

A surge of crisp, clean air, infused with the serene aroma of fresh linen!

Bubblegum Boom

A blast of nostalgic aroma with the playful and sweet scent of bubblegum!

Cherry Burst

An explosion of fruity aroma, exuding a delightfully sweet and fruity fragrance reminiscent of a heavenly Cherry Bakewell!


O.N.A. Blocks


O.N.A. Gels


O.N.A. Spray

Ideal for use in areas prone to spillages, or for placing in internal ventilation systems. The blocks work by surface area, the more surface area exposed, the faster and stronger the effect; for general use simply remove the lid. You can slow the release by drilling holes in the lid, or for more demanding applications, take the block out of the tub and expose the whole surface area.

Contains hundreds of gel granules, soaked in fresh smelling, odour neutralising liquid to eliminate unwanted odours with ease. Encapsulates the odour molecule and either destroys it or reduces it to a neutral level. Simply shake, place in your affected area and take off the lid. You can increase the effectiveness by using a fan to blow air over the gel, this quickly disperse the odour neutralising agent into the atmosphere.

Available in 1 L or 3 L tubs, the gel can also be decanted into smaller tubs and placed around your affected area, negating the need for a fan.

Ideal for home or office and pet safe.

Our sprays allow you to eliminate odours with a quick and easy application. Just a few short bursts will of the spray will mask any odours with a powerful aroma. The powerful spray will spread the scent evenly around your desired area to leave you with a pleasant scent, free from malodours.

how it WORKS

Odour Neutraliser, as the name would suggest, is an odour neutralising formula which encapsulates odour molecules which will destroy or neutralise odours. The product is extremely flexible and can solve a whole host of odour issues and unpleasant smells.


Odour Neutraliser exploits relationships between three processes – absorption, adsorption and ‘Pairs’ Theory to create the final formula that cancels out most organic and inorganic odours. In basic terminology, this process works by the ingredients in Odour Neutraliser attaching to the odour molecules, the odour molecule then solubilises itself in the Odour Neutraliser, binding together and allowing the odour to be eliminated.

O.N.A. Odour Neutraliser


The History of Odour Neutraliser starts in Australia in the 1980s. A group of scientists developed a process that was extremely effective at locking onto odour molecules and actually neutralising them. This technology then spread to Canada and the UK in the mid-1990s.

Odour Neutraliser is the original UK formulation, for odour elimination.

Originally designed for industrial applications, Odour Neutraliser was developed as a treatment for potent odours from natural waste facilities, animal rendering plants and sewage treatment works. Learn how it works here

O.N.A. Odour Neutraliser
O.N.A. Odour Neutraliser